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  • 4 Decorating Tips Everyone Can Use

    Even when you are lucky enough to start with an empty room, it can be overwhelming to design an interior that you can enjoy for years to come. Fol...
  • 5 Tips to Magnificent Mirrors

    You know that feeling when you finally get a chance to move into your first apartment and have total control over how it looks? The only downside is there are so many design decisions. It can actually be overwhelming! Well, fear not because we're here with some of our favourite tips for hanging mirrors in an easy way.
  • 12 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying New Furniture for Your Home

    The decision to buy furniture is a substantial one. You want something you can live with for years and even decades, so it's important that you...
  • Get Growing!

    There is nothing better than enjoying freshly picked vegetables right from your garden!  Not only will you think they taste better, but it has been shown that when kids are involved more with the food they eat, they eat more!  Let them get dirty with the planting and excited when little green shoots poke through the dirt and the pride of a salad or veggie kabob they grew themselves for the family BBQ.



  • Get Your Green On

    Being full on into spring in most areas, it’s time to start thinking out garden plans.  Whether you are new to gardening or have a thumb greener than the grass, these tips will help anyone end up with a beautiful bounty!

  • Entries to Your Home and Heart(h)

    Your home should be comfortable and be a reflection of your taste and design style from the minute one walks through the door.  Maintaining comfort level and at the same time, create a luxurious feeling can be simple with the following ideas!
  • Keeping Up The Kitchen

    You don’t need to do a massive renovation in order to give your home a new and improved look and feel. The last blog covered a few ways to update your stairs.  Today we will take a look at ways to reinvigorate your kitchen!
  • Spring Spruce Ups

    If your home has more than one level it’s pretty much a given that you have stairs, there is no side-stepping them!   Stairs are high traffic areas and can look worn and shabby if ignored, but they can also be ‘stepped-up’ with a little bit of creativity.

    As home décor trends come and go, so do the accessories in our homes.  Over time the list of home décor purchases can become costly.  Instead of jumping on every bandwagon that drives by, consider selecting a few pieces that will compliment many of the trend cycles ad add warmth and interest to your décor.
  • Doing White on White Right!

    Colour trends come and go but it seems all-white interiors never go out of style.  From light bright kitchens or a colourless living rooms that sets the stage for bold art and intriguing textures, all white interiors remain timeless. 
    Whether it is a personal choice or a fear of selecting colours that are just “too much”, we have gathered together some tips to help you successfully create a worry-free white wonderland!
  • Fabulous Fabrics

    When you are looking at spending the money on new furniture you want to make sure it is going to last. There are many factors that figure into the cost of the furniture, but a major component to the cost is related to the quality of the fabric. For those of us not in the business, terms like rub count, and fiber vs fabric are foreign.  Let’s try to get a better understanding!
  • Fortify Your Online Furniture Shopping

    We all reach a time where we decide hand-me downs have done their job and we deserve something nice and new. This year many of us have skipped, or will be skipping, the vacation we budgeted for and have some funds to spoil ourselves. Shopping online for clothes, groceries and other necessities has become a habit