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At Canadian Home and Garden, we're all about choice!  We want you to get EXACTLY what you want to suit your style and your budget... 

That's why we'll mail you up to 3 Fabric Swatches FREE so you can SEE and FEEL the actual fabrics you are considering.  

Just select any fabric below to add it to your cart...

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  • Jango Copen Swatch
    Jango Copen Swatch
  • Analogy Charcoal Swatch
    Analogy Charcoal Swatch
  • Entice Indigo Swatch
    Entice Indigo Swatch
  • Cadence Sapphire Swatch
    Cadence Sapphire Swatch
  • Boulder Cayenne Swatch
    Boulder Cayenne Swatch
  • Analogy Lilac Swatch
    Analogy Lilac Swatch
  • Analogy Blush Swatch
    Analogy Blush Swatch
  • Prime Smoke Swatch
    Prime Smoke Swatch
  • Giovanna Moondust Swatch
    Giovanna Moondust Swatch
  • Aiden Platinum Swatch
    Aiden Platinum Swatch
  • Jango Charcoal Swatch
    Jango Charcoal Swatch
  • Entice Brick Swatch
    Entice Brick Swatch
  • Element Carboncopy Swatch
    Element Carboncopy Swatch
  • Aiden Ocean Swatch
    Aiden Ocean Swatch
  • Cadence Storm Swatch
    Cadence Storm Swatch
  • Tony Indigo Swatch
    Tony Indigo Swatch
  • Analogy Sand Swatch
    Analogy Sand Swatch
  • Cuba Mushroom Swatch
    Cuba Mushroom Swatch
  • Graffiti Navy Swatch
    Graffiti Navy Swatch
  • Saville Birch Swatch
    Saville Birch Swatch
  • Giovanna Teal Swatch
    Giovanna Teal Swatch
  • Element Silverdollar Swatch
    Element Silverdollar Swatch
  • Element Deepsea Swatch
    Element Deepsea Swatch
  • Boulder Steel Swatch
    Boulder Steel Swatch