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As home décor trends come and go, so do the accessories in our homes.  Over time the list of home décor purchases can become costly.  Instead of jumping on every bandwagon that drives by, consider selecting a few pieces that will compliment many of the trend cycles ad add warmth and interest to your décor.


Amazing Animals 

We aren’t talking about a safari room, unless that’s your thing!  An oversized floor pillow, the seat cushion of a wooden chair, or small footstool done in an animal print adds a dash of exotic sophistication to a room and melds well with eclectic, modern and traditional styles.



 Artistic Art Groupings 

Is there a photograph you love?  Imagine multiplying your love for it!  Divide the photo into sections of 4-8 and have them printed and framed to hang as a grouping. That one photo of your favourite day or vacation place is now an artistic focal point that emits happy thoughts.



Borrowable Bar Carts 

These are great looking and so practical. Dress them up with pretty bottles and wheel them to wherever the party is!  Fill the ice bucket in the kitchen and wheel it out to the patio.  Bars aren’t for you?  The carts are also good for getting dinner from the kitchen to the dining room, plant stands, you name it. Investing in one will pay of in many ways as your needs and décor change.



Beautiful Blankets 

Draped over chairs, a bench or the end of a bed, a nice blanket screams homey.  Every room should have one to shake off the chilliness that can be experienced at even the warmest time of year.



Bountiful Bowls 

Check out markets and antique stores for a bowl that sings to you. From fruit to keys, you will find many uses for a bowl you like as you reorganize your space over time.  


Boxy Boxes 

Nesting or not, boxes are great for stashing keys, remotes and other cluttery contents.



 Classic Candlesticks 

Display some candlesticks on a sideboard or an entry table. The candle holders don’t have to match, mix together varying heights, try some made out of pretty pottery! As your arrangements change, break out the grouping and scatter them around the room



Flower Power 

Fresh flowers not only bring some of the garden into your home but introduce an uplifting, airy fragrance to the room. Select flowers that offset the main colour of your room and a provide beautiful contrast. Add a bit of sugar to the water for longer lasting flowers. As you will need to get fresh flowers on a regular basis, it will be easy to find something that suits your current décor!



Large Looking Glasses 

Create focal points and brighten up a room by hanging large mirrors over large-scale furniture like sofas and beds. Mirrors come framed in a variety of materials and styles, as well as unframed and with artistically etched glass. Making them timelessly stylish.



Pretty Pottery 

Gather a collection of like-coloured pottery pieces to add some instant colour, texture, and interest. The practicality of pottery makes it a versatile addition to your home.



Trays for Days 

A tray is another, ever useful accessory and fashioned to look great in several places. They are the perfect solution to create a surface on an ottoman, where you can put up your feet and set your tea at the same time. Smaller trays are great for unifying a vignette of perhaps candles on a shelf or table.



Having decor that you cherish and can move from room to room over time will help provide inspiration as new trends become popular.  If you are able to collect some of these pieces during memorable road trips or vacations, they can inspire pleasant memories and bring some warmth and happiness to your day, no matter where you have them on display.



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