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Doing White on White Right!




Colour trends come and go but it seems all-white interiors never go out of style.  From light bright kitchens or a colourless living rooms that sets the stage for bold art and intriguing textures, all white interiors remain timeless. 
Whether it is a personal choice or a fear of selecting colours that are just “too much”, we have gathered together some tips to help you successfully create a worry-free white wonderland!


Painless Painting

Benjamin Moore offers more than 150 shades of white paint and they are not the only ones offering white paint.  How do you pick?  Does it matter?  A truly pure white is not often favoured as it can be almost unbearably white and downright blinding.

Generally white paints have undertones that can be used to help narrow down your selection. Take into consideration the natural light your rooms get, north facing rooms may accentuate a gray undertone if it is in your pain colour.  Likewise, a west facing room may accentuate the pink undertones.  The most common undertones you will encounter during your decision making are blue, gray, green, pink and yellow.  

The best way to notice the differences is to compare your choices side by side.  Make a trip to the paint store and grab some of the whites that you find appealing, bring them home and tape them to the walls you will be painting.  View the samples at different times of day, next to the furniture and art that it will be sharing space with.  The undertones will start to make themselves known.  If you are still unsure, ask the pro at the paint store, they are there to educate and advise!



White paints with cool undertones like grays and blues are best used in rooms that get plenty of light that will add warmth to the room, and match well with contemporary styles.  Vice versa, pink and yellow warm undertones will add warmth to a cooler room, think old European style.  The finish of the paint should also be kept in mind, flat matte paints resemble a plaster finish, whereas an eggshell and semi-glosses are better used in bathrooms and kitchens.

Colour Carefully

Introducing colour to your space is dependant on the vibe you are striving for. Wood tones and greenery will feel natural and neutral.  Bringing in black is bold and collections in splatters of colours can make them even more special.  Some find the latter overwhelming and prefer to go with an ombré effect, starting with lighter shades and with a graceful elegance, introduce the darker hues.


Start with something you love and let it introduce the rest of the colours into your room!


Tactful Textures

Create depth and interesting aspects to a somewhat monochromatic view by incorporating other textures and materials.  Layering shades of white and textures or with hints of different faded shades are key. Creating reflective moments with lighting, mirrors, and a few key pieces of art will also help add depth to your white-on-white ambiance. 


Nodding to Nature

As mentioned, pure white can make everything appear quite sterile and that works if you are going for modern and minimal but if you want your space to feel inviting try adding in a mixture of natural features.

In a white kitchen try incorporating texture through pottery filled with fruits, woods like the walnut finish on our Courtenay Dining Table , and carried across the room with cutting boards or giant salad bowls. 


Bringing some natural elements into a room also brings in natural calming properties and a sense of peace amid our hectic lifestyles.



You don’t have to scour the beaches for ornate driftwood, (though you could make a wonderful day of doing just that!) adding some fresh cut flowers or plants of varying shades of green with radiant area rugs, plump pillows, and textured throws are a great way to add some of your own personality to the space.  If you have been through the throughs and pounded the pillows, a well-framed, large-scale piece of artwork could be enough!


An all-white interior provides great flexibility and is the perfect canvas for any kind of artwork.  Why do you think most galleries are all white?  Whether you hang a grouping of art salon style or prefer to go with a few larger scaled pieces, keep scale and proportion in mind,  you want to create a focal point but maintain balance in the room.



Sprucing Up Your Space

As wonderful as whites are, many people tend to avoid white furnishings especially with pets and small children. If you tend to have pizza and watch movies, have kids that keep wearing their shoes in the house or have puppies that like to snuggle but still really want that white sofa understand it will likely need more upkeep than other upholsteries.  Invest in upholstery specifically treated to be durable like the Defender line of fabrics from Canadian Home and Garden.



Do It Durably

With good reason, the absence of colour makes all-white kitchens and bathrooms very popular. They are almost timeless. But just like everything else, all-white colour schemes bring their own challenges.  When the wear and tear become evident, it is very evident.


Selecting durable materials like non-porous, quartz stone for countertops is a great choice for an all-white kitchen. It stands up to juices, oils, wines that could stain surfaces made of granite or marble.  As quartz is non-porous it won’t harbour harmful bacteria. Incorporating a contrasting stone countertop that is veined throughout in white can make your kitchen easier to maintain while still being bright!




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