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Keeping Up The Kitchen

That spring cleaning bug is in the air!  As we meander through our homes chasing away the winter staleness, we become aware of the wear and tear that comes from the day to day living in our homes.  You don’t need to do a massive renovation in order to give your home a new and improved look and feel. The last blog covered a few ways to update your stairs.  Today we will take a look at ways to reinvigorate your kitchen!

Clean up the Cupboards

Are your cupboards looking dull and dated?  Take advantage of the nice weather to take them down and out… outside that is!  Give them a light sanding and a new coat of paint!  It is expected that white kitchens will lose their lustre in 2021, bring a bit of sunshine into your home with a bright yellow colour or go trendy with black cupboards.



If you really want to try a new look, get rid of the upper cupboards altogether and replace them with open shelving.  Not sure if open shelves are “you”?  Try removing the doors and live with them for awhile, if you are loving it, fill the holes from any hinges, add some trim, caulk them, and paint them up!  Not into quite as much of a makeover, try swapping out the hardware and tightening up the hinges while you are at it!


Go Green

It’s scientifically proven that plants can make an impact on your home. They help remove toxins from the air, they can help boost productivity, and bring a sense of calm and relaxation to your space. You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep many different types of plants greening up the room!

Pothos is a trailing plant with heart-shaped leaves. They can have variegated leaves with yellow, white, and green. Pothos thrive in indirect light, very low light and artificial light. These plants are happy in ordinary potting soil. It’s actually best to allow the soil to dry out completely in between waterings. Great news for those who tend to forget to water their plants!



If you are looking for a plant that thrives on neglect, a Snake plant (a.k.a Mother-in-Laws Tongue) might be the one for you!  These plants can go weeks without being tended to and still stand tall and proud.  Their tall, dark green leaves protrude stiffly with yellow stirpes along the edges.  They can help fill a corner that just "needs that something" when potted in a large urn or basket.



Get some green for your green with a Rubber plant.  In the right conditions Rubber plant will grow quickly, in the wild the reach heights of sixty feet and more.  They also come in a wide variety from dark rubber leaves to pale variegated to add some interest to a grouping of them.


Splashy backsplashes

A backsplash doesn’t need to just be functional; it is also a way to introduce colours and textures into your kitchen. If your backsplash isn’t creating a splash of it’s own, maybe its time to freshen it up a bit!



There are so many options in backsplashes it can be overwhelming. Tiles are a typical choice and available in fun, modern, and traditional options, or consider something different like brick, stainless steel, coppers, or mirror.  Some have even blown the wall right out to create a glass backsplash that looks right outside.



Sprucing up your backsplash can be done in a weeked. If you aren’t into the work of the previously mentioned options, check out peel-and-stick tiles, that can be applied over an existing backsplash!


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