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Nova Scotia Fabrics

The Nova Scotia Fabric line from Canadian Home and Garden is a collection our most moderately priced fabrics.  The products available in custom coverings will have the fabric lines listed with the associated pricing. 

Many of our fabric collections feature microfibre construction and a DEFENDER treatment that protects the fabric and extends the lifespan of your furniture.  Look for the description listed with the collections.

The products available in custom coverings will have the fabric lines listed with the associated pricing. Please note your fabric selection during checkout.

Why does fabric choice affect the cost of furniture?
There are a number of factors that affect the cost of your sofa. The fabric itself is the major consideration in the cost of a sofa. Luxurious the fabrics, or more highly durable, the higher the final cost of the furniture. Consider your lifestyle when deciding on fabrics, pets, children and the frequency of use play key points when trying to decide the most appropriate fabric to choose from. 

There are other factors that come into play besides just the fabric itself:

  • Does your fabric have a pattern Large patterns and repeats may raise the price of a sofa because more fabric is used to create a seamless flow match.
  • Does your sofa have a tight back A tight back sofa is generally more affordable than a loose back cushion sofa as less material is used to manufacture it.
  • Is the fabric stain or water repellent Fabrics that are treated during production tend to hold up better than those treated after the fact but can also increase the initial investment being made in a piece of furniture.


 The Aiden Fabric Collection

 The Chrome Fabric Collection

The Chrome collection are microfiber fabrics.  Microfiber fibers are so tightly woven that the fabric cannot easliy be penetreated by fluids.  This helps Microfibres be stain-resistant and very durable.  Microfiber is also breathable, lightweight, wrinkle resistan and highly resistant to abrasions.

The Dodsworth Fabric Collection

The Dodsworth Fabric Collection features Defender Performance Fabrics.  The Defender processs encapsulates every fibre with superior stain protection technology. These performance qualities do not wear or wash away as they are permanenty bonded to every fibre for fabric that truly performs like magic.  Defender does all thie without changing the hand of the fabric, giving you design options that are not limited by fabric type or colour. Defender fabrics are free of potentially harmful levels of chemicals and flame retardents.  The non-leaching technology prevents the protective fomulations from transfering to skin and other fabrics.

The Element Fabric Collection

The Gladstone Fabric Collection

The Jitterbug Fabric Collection

The Pinehurst Fabric Collection