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Entries to Your Home and Heart(h)

Your home should be comfortable and be a reflection of your taste and design style from the minute one walks through the door.  Maintaining comfort level and at the same time, create a luxurious feeling can be simple with the following ideas!

Setting the First Impression

When the door to  your home opens, whether it be to company or at the end of your own long day, you want your entry to set a good first impression.  A few ways to create a sense of high end comfort is with walls that create a statement on their own! Use your entry to introduce the colour palette found further into your home.  Add personal touches and creative pieces that reflect things important to you.


Accent Walls

If you have used enough paint and wallpaper on the other walls of your home, accent walls are a great alternative for your entry. They can be made out of old pallets or wood (reduce, reuse, recycle!) to provide a little colour and texture, as well create as a rustic feel.

Be sure to stain the wood you to use to provide a nice contrast to your flooring and other walls.  If your entry is a high traffic area consider a stain with a sealant to protect the wood.


Board and Batten Wall

Leveled up your entry with a board and batten wall. This does take a bit or work and a few coats of paint, but it will give your entry some texture and makes and a bit of an air of sophistication!


Design Your Own Wallpaper Effect

If you have a steady hand and some talent, create your own wallpaper effect that you can be proud of for years to come!  Paint your selected wall a neutral colour, then decide on a pattern or design you like.  You can stencil a design on to the wall or create your design freehand if you are up to the challenge! (Remember, abstract is a style 😉 )  If its an entry to your mud room, get the whole family involved!


Contact Paper and Removable Wallpaper (It’s not just 70’s Mactac!)

Remember mactac on everything in the 70’s? It’s still around and even better than it was.  Now commonly known as contact paper and removable wallpaper, it is a quick and affordable way to change the entire look of a room. As designed, it works great on walls but if can also refresh cabinets and table tops.  The tricky part is to get it applied without air pockets or uneven edges.  Applying a light coat of soapy water before applying the paper will give you some wiggle room to place the paper just right.


Be on Base with Baseboards

Give your entry some new-found elegance by adding in some baseboards with trim and moldings.

If you have smaller baseboards and want to give them some umpf, add a thinner strip of wood above the baseboard and then paint the space between the two, saving time and money.


Be Mindful of the Gap

A frequent issue to deal with is gaps between baseboards and door frames or at corners. For a clean finish cut a plinth block down to the appropriate size to cover the gaps. Fit the block in nicely with the molding and trim and paint it to match the trim and molding.

 Have you done something unique with your entry?  Do you  have a main entry and one at the side for every day use?  Tell us about them!




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