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Spring Spruce Ups

Spring is right around the corner and with the nicer weather our windows open and the urge to get some spring cleaning done strikes!  As brighter lighting starts to shine through the windows for longer than it has in awhile, we start to notice areas that need a bit of sprucing up.  This month we will do a series of articles with quick fixes to freshen up your living space! 

Starting with Stairs that Stare Back!

If your home has more than one level it’s pretty much a given that you have stairs, there is no side-stepping them!   Stairs are high traffic areas and can look worn and shabby if ignored, but they can also be ‘stepped-up’ with a little bit of creativity.

Fabric runners can be easily stapled or glued on to a slip proof fabric down the centre of your stairs. You may want to re-stain or paint the steps first for a really fresh look!


Wallpapering or tiling the risers bring some whimsy to your walk!


Painting the risers in matching colours with varying patterns or an ombre effect will add some colour to the climb!


Elevate Inspiration by stenciling both the steps and risers to look like stacked books or cover them in your favourite quotes. 


Be bold with strikingly steps and railings in dark colours offset with lighter walls and warm wood accents.


    When it comes to your stairs, you can’t go over them, you can’t go around them so you might as well enjoy going up them! 


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