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Online Furniture Shopping Made Easy

The never-ending searching is over, THE one is right there on your screen! That is, until IT shows up and ... it's not quite what you thought it was. It doesn't quite fit where you wanted to put it, or colour actually clashes rather then compliments your decor. 


Experiences like this can make the idea of buying furniture online a nerve-wracking process.


You don’t get to see the pieces in person, you can’t feel the textures or experience the cushioning of the seats.  We have collected some tips to make your shopping experience stress free and the addition of that perfect piece to your home an uplifting and satisfying experience!


If your furniture is too big for the room it will literally stick out like a sore thumb.  When looking at new lighting, add the length and width of the room measured in feet and that number in inches should be the maximum diameter of your light fixtures (Example, a room that is 14 feet long and 12 feet wide, you wouldn’t want the diameter of your light fixture to exceed 26 inches.)

The first step in buying a sofa online is deciding how much seating is needed.  To seat three comfortable, a sofa of  84- to 96-inches long is recommended. The back height of a sofa typically measures 34-38 inches, and overall depth is around 35 inches. Overall dimensions are not the only measurements to note.  Consider the intended use and make sure the piece you are selecting will meet your needs. 

Does your family enjoy stretching out for naps on the couch?  Look for a longer sofa if you have the space.  Are some of your family members “heigh challenged”?  Consider shallower seating. When ordering sectionals or modular pieces, left or right-facing is determined as you face the sofa, not when you’re seated.

When shopping for a dining room table, pay attention to the numbers.To ensure a comfortable fit, it is recommended that  you need to leave a 3-foot walkway around your table. The typical dining table height is 30 inches.; A standard for counter dining is 36 inches and 42 inches for bar height tables. For adequate elbow room, chairs should have 24 inches between seats. Measurements are done from the center of one chairback to the center of the one beside it. 

Check out Canadian Home and Garden’s Blog to When the Dinner Bell Rings for important tips to keep in mind when purchasing new dining room pieces!


Tabletops throughout the home are seen closely and touched a lot, focus on the listed details and give some thoughtful consideration as to whether this is a look and feel you will be happy with.  Will the material stand the test of time while meeting the intended function? 


“Some assembly required” can indicate lower quality.  Having the assembly handled by the pros, while it may be slightly more expensive, removes the headache of trying to find the time and find screw W to fit into slot D!  Whenever "White Glove Service" is offered take advantage of it!  It usually includes unpacking, any final assembly, general placement and removal of all the packing materials!

Before ordering upholstered furniture online, go beyond the picture. Screen settings can vary the colours, lighting and other colours used throughout your space can also make the actual piece appear different in real life. Ask for swatches to be sent to you. Situate them in the space you plan to furnish and take some time observing them in different lighting and times of day.


Visualizie Your New Furniture in Your Current Space

Visualize your potential purchase in your space, one option is to tape out the dimensions of the furniture you are looking at.  Walk around the room with the areas taped off to get a sense of what the flow through the room will be like.  Get a better sense of the proportions of the furniture by stacking boxes or books to understand how much space will be taken up by the piece you are considering.

The Tools at Your Fingertips

Retailers want to avoid returns, so utilize site resources they have provided to help you. Reviews from those that have purchased the product already can give great insight into the durability of the product and the level of customer service encountered when they had concerns.  Problems can occur, complaints will be posted, look for how the company handles those complaints before becoming their customer. Look for the shipping and return policies, check out the FAQs.  Still have questions? Most online retailers have a customer service agent waiting to chat!!

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