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When the Dinner Bell Rings

A dining room is the place families get together to share a meal and talk about their day. With our hectic lifestyles it may be the only time your family sits down together, which is why you’re in the market for the perfect space for your family to spend the time together.

Whether you have just moved into your new home or need to upgrade your current dining room set, you’ll find the utopic dining room set for your home at Canadian Home and Garden. We carry sets designed for large dining rooms as well as smaller table sets made for a two.

What size? Determine the size of dining set you need. To furnish a formal dining room, you’ll want a nine- or eleven-piece dining room set, large enough to fit the entire family for a holiday dinner. Not all homes have space for large table, perhaps an extendable table or smaller table sets still offer the comfort and style while taking up less space in the room.

Customers with a breakfast space, would ideally consider a three to five-piece dining set. A table and four chairs is perfect size for a small family to gather at and also double as a space for homework or office work! The three-piece sets are an ideal option for singles or couples living in apartments, condos or small homes and want a place to enjoy their meals together.

Once you have determined the size of the dining set you need it’s time to decide on the style and colour of your set. No matter the style of furniture you prefer, Canadian Home and Garden has something to match your tastes. From rustic, modern, contemporary, or traditional, we have a set for you. Our Dining Sets are available in a variety of finishes. We have popular wood finishes like espresso and walnut, smooth leathers, luxurious fabrics in solids and patterns, you are sure to find the set to stylishly meet your needs.

Dining Chairs, Stools & Benches

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is important to have a nice spot for a cup of coffee or home cooked meal, and that calls for the right amount of seating to go around the right size table. Dining chairs make a difference from both a design and comfort perspectives.

Canadian Home and Garden has a nice selection of dining chairs, benches and stools crafted from a variety of materials and in many available as custom orders. It is possible to select a few dining chairs or a whole set for stylish, functional daily enjoyment.

You want to select a dining room table that matches your style and that you can enjoy for many years. Our selection of dining room chairs will provide comfort and class homes of many different styles. Consider the height of who will be sitting in the chairs to decide about the appropriate height of the back of the chair. The taller the people, the more appropriate a higher back would be. You want your dining room chairs to be comfortable and stylish.

Purchasing your dining room chairs and table together as a set is a great way to ensure that they coordinate with one another. If you decide to purchase them separately make sure there is consistency in the design. If you have a traditional dining room table with an ornate design, you would not pair the table with modern or metal chairs. Comfortable and luxurious leather chairs or upholstered chairs make an elegant statement. If you decide that a farmhouse dining table is more your style - you will want to make sure that you go with either a wooden bench or rustic chair design.

Parson chairs are popular options for dining room chairs due to their comfort, simplistic design, and versatility. Parson chairs blend in with many styles, from modern to contemporary, making them the perfect option for many different homes. 

Grouping parson chairs with a simple table creates a contemporary or modern look. These armless dining room chairs will give your home a sleek and sophisticated style, while incorporating warmth into your home.

Know what you are working with

It is important to know the dimensions of your dining room, the width and length of your room will affect how you able to move around once you have placed your furniture. Allow 36" – 48" of space between the table and the wall to permit flow around the table, and approximately 48" between the table and a doorway.  When you are looking for a new dining room table, the right height is an important aspect to both the functionality and aesthetics of a room.

Taking things to new heights!

There are three common dining table heights: standard, counter height, and bar height.

Standard: Standard height tables average between 28" – 30" high, chairs that have seat heights of 18" – 23" are ideal with these tables. This height works well for families with a wide range of ages who make use their dining areas for a wide range of purposes.

Counter: Counter-height tables average between 34" – 36", high chairs that have seat heights of 24" – 26" are best suited to these tables. Counter-height tables are perfect for small spaces and create an open, more informal look.

Bar: Bar-height tables average between 41" – 43" high and paired with bar stools that are between 28" – 33" high. Create your own bar at home with some stylish pieces!

If you are buying chairs separately from the table, always check the seat height. There should be 10" – 12" between the chair seat and the bottom of the table.

Size Matters

The width and length aspects impact how your room looks and how comfortable you will be at your dining table.


The width of a dining table width is measured along the “head” of the table – this effects how easy it will be to pass food and how many serving dishes you can place along the center of the table. You want to be able to easily pass dishes across the table, the width of the table should be 48" to share comfortably. If you will have a sideboard and only need place settings on the table, a table as narrow as 30” wide will suffice.


No one likes being elbowed during dinner! Each guest should have at least 24" of personal space. To avoid scuffs and scratches to your chairs, allow 6" between them. Remember, the legs of the table may take away a few inches of room under the table. 

All Shapes and Sizes

The size and shape of your dining table will affect seating capacity.

Round: Round dining tables take up less space, this makes them perfect a perfect fit for small rooms where space is limited. In the centre of square rooms, the rounded edges leave the room feeling more spacious. Round tables are not recommended in rectangular rooms as created a cluttered and crowded feeling.

Rectangular: Rectangular tables fit well in rectangular rooms. When in unsure, select a table shape that reflects the overall room shape. Rectangular dining tables do not work well within a square room, the long length appears oversized and will affect how you move around the table.

Oval: Oval tables are a stylish alternative to rectangular tables. They work well in long rooms where you want a modern and contemporary feel.

Square: Like round tables, square dining tables are well suited in smaller spaces.

Seating  Capacity

Dining tables usually seat from two people or more. The following chart can be a reference for combining table shape and size with seating capabilities:

Round or rectangular, standard or bar height, defining a spot in your home for people to gather at and enjoy a great meal or finish up a science project should be reflective of your taste and style!



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