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Running Out of Things To Do?

Looking For Things To Do That Don’t Require Leaving the house?

The whole family can travel the world from home! Check out a virtual light shows or visit a museum anywhere you want!

With limited travel opportunities and the typical activity venues limited, many of us are home and running out of things to do and ways to keep the kids busy. To help, we have come up with a few ideas!

Take an online class

Cooking or baking, whatever tempts your palate!  Many local businesses prepare kits you can pick up prior to the class so no shopping is needed!  Not only will you have a delicious treat at the end, but no one will be asking what’s for dinner! 


Check out a Virtual Light Show

Why drive aimlessly in search of houses all decorated up?  Tune in for a global light show!  A quick search will list light shows from all around the world.  Our favourite is the light show presented by Canadian Heritage highlighting local artists and illuminated displays from across Canada.

Tour a Museum or Gallery

No need to whisper and worry about knocking over an exhibit! Museums are offering video and virtual tours.  Places we thought we would never see like the British Museum in London , the Smithsonian or the Louvre are offering tours with a click.  Browse Google’s Arts and Culture for an endless list of museums and galleries from all over the world.  Climb mountains, see how you would look in a helmet with Tengu Mask and Crows.


Streaming Wildlife

Many parks and sanctuaries were in on steaming before it was cool!  They have set up cameras in various spots to spy on wildlife in their habitats.  See Elephants and Gorillas in Africa or Platypus’ and Pandas at the San Diego Zoo.

Take a World Tour

Have you always dreamed of a trip abroad but time, budget and responsibilities have held you back?  Take the time you may have spent commuting or out for drinks with the gang and check out the places you have always wanted to go.  Visit the Great Mosque of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, watch the water traffic at the Ponte delle Guglie in Venice and the hustle and bustle of Times Square in New York at and end off your tour at the Temple Bar in Dublin.

Get crafty with your loved ones 

Create something fun with your family, YouTube is full of inspiration whether that means knitting, diy ideas, or getting messy with paints, you can be proud of the outcome or it will make a good story to laugh about for years to come!


Are the kids missing out on play dates with their friends?  Are you missing out on wine dates with your friends?  Cast it!  Set up your webcam – whether you are using your phone, laptop or an external webcam and cast it to your tv!  The kids can scatter their toys and play side by side with their friends, but you only have half the mess to clean up! No more trying to see everyone on a tiny screen and you can sit back and relax like you are all in the same room! 

Whatever you decide to do, make the most of this time and have fun trying something new!

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