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Making the Most of Your Space

With the variety of homes available across Canada each can present its own unique challenges. Costal cottages, mountain cabins, bungalows, semi-detached, ranch homes, condos, old Victorians, modern micro lofts, the styles, and layouts can be endless!  Sometimes it is the “uniqueness” of a layout that draws our interest to a particular home only to find it feels awkward once we have moved in.  Here are a few ways to help make your house a home!

Put Function First

  • Determine YOUR needs Just because the previous homeowner used that front room as a cat room doesn’t mean you have too!
  • Do you often have colleagues drop by, is it more practical to have an office space near the front of the house rather than a formal dining room? Or do you prefer the peace and quiet with a view of the back garden while you plan out your next fabulous dinner party?
  • Did that turn of the century house not come with closets? Options in armoires and wardrobes are endless, have them blend like a wallflower or stand out like Waldo in a crowd!

Pivot Points

When planning out your rooms give some consideration to how you will live in that room

  • When you are at your desk can you easily access the shelf your printer is on?
  • When you are cooking will that island you brought from your last house be in the way of opening the oven in your new house?
  • Is there a surface within reach of the chair in the corner for your guests to be able to set their drink?

There are solutions to all of these situations, sometimes a bit of creativity is needed! Increasing the comfort and functionality of your house makes it your home!

Contain your clutter

  • Deep cabinets in your kitchen island
  • Utilize enclosed shelving for appliances in your kitchen like toasters and blenders. Have appliance garages installed between your upper and lower cupboards where the appliances sit anyway!
  • Use benches with storage, put hooks on the wall to deal with those “Come in the door and drop everything” areas
  • Baskets and crates are great ways to stash everything from keys to shoes and look great at the same time!  

    Turn small spaces into cozy spaces

    • Use paint colours like shades of amber to create warmth
    • pair them with comfy woollens, crisp linens, and lush carpeting, to soothe your senses
    • and dreamy prints to push your mind into escaping into with your daydreams.

      Open up smaller spaces

      • Bright whites, clean lines and minimalist décor help create a light and airy feel to a room.
      • Select décor that contribute to the open feeling – wall décor that runs horizontally can make a room feel longer.
      • Mirrors are a great way to create the illusion that the room is bigger, the bigger the mirror, the bigger the illusion!

        The construction is irrelevant – it’s the choices you make that will transform your space into a sanctuary of welcoming comfort and style.


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